10 of the Best Ways to Burn Fat

Find Someone or Something to Push You

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Working out with a more advanced person can provide a big boost to your normal, lackluster workout routine. The person will motivate you to work harder and may even show you some new moves/exercises. At the same time, maybe you need to find something else to push you, like a kickboxing class or cycling class. Sometimes the gym becomes too boring; sometimes you just need a new setting to push you into having a kick-ass workout.

Clear Your Kitchen

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Make no mistake: If food you shouldn’t be eating lurks in your house, you will give in at some point or another. You may think you have willpower of steel, but wait until hunger clouds your judgment. Fill your kitchen with fresh, healthy foods so that no matter when you eat, what you eat, or how much you eat, you won’t feel guilty and you won’t be adding unwanted fat to your body.