15 Awkward Harry Potter Stars Turned Insanely Good Looking

If you want to talk about an establishment that is for all intents and purposes the reading book meaning of the expression “pop culture phenomenon”, look no more farther than Harry Potter. Beginning with the first book in 2001, these characters that were the brainchild of JK Rowling brought seven books and created a large number of fans everywhere throughout the world right away – and that is before they began making movies.

Cormac McLaggen – Freddie Stroma

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Freddie Stroma appears to have easily rotated starting with one enormous franchise to another – after “Harry Potter” finished, he very quickly starred in the huge successful “Pitch Perfect” in the United States

Fred and George Weasley – James and Olver Phelps

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James and Oliver Phelps have both managed out how to broaden their careers past Harry Potter, starring in movies such as “Own Worst Enemy,” “Jabberwocky Rise,” “Danny and the Human Zoo” and more.