15 Rich People From Business Ideas You Wouldn’t Believe

Have you ever stumbled upon an informercial or product in a store where you think “Are you serious?” or “I could have thought of that!” well the following items may just make you have the same thoughts all over again. Read about some products that may seem like a ridiculous idea but have made their inventors and investors millions.

Chia Pets

Photo credit: invent.answers.com

Many may be familiar with the Ch-ch-ch-chia jingle and the Chia Pet itself. The idea came from Joe Peddot and is still currently being produced in his San Francisco, CA company, Joseph Enterprises. Ever since its debut in the 1980’s these terracotta figurines that are used to sprout chia and resemble animals fur gained instant popularity and has sold millions. The original chia ram has since been joined by a turtle, a hippo, and even Scooby-Doo and Shrek along with many others. Although a specific amount of what the Chia-Pet has made, it sure to be many millions, seeing as how it’s still selling in stores.


Photo credit: www.imanengineer.com

When Roni and Ken Di Lullo noticed that their dog Midnight kept squinting while trying to catch the Frisbee during a game of fetch, they knew they had to do something about. Roni retrofitted sports goggles on her dog and notice that the dogs fetch performance improved so she showcased the pup with his goggles on and soon enough people were inquiring about purchasing a pair of their own. When her DIY method wasn’t enough to fulfill orders, she then consulted eyewear manufactures and eventually came the finished product that are “Doggles.” She turned her simple idea into a million dollar venture and now “Doggles” are sold in major retail stores like PetCo, PetSmart and Target.