Awkward Public displays Of Affection

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes to see two people getting it on middle of the park center, or the beach, or anywhere else so far as that is matter. The vast majority of us wouldn’t fret showing some affection to our partners in broad public, yet there are a few people out there that take it to another level. Here are 20 couples that will show to you public displays of affections you would never need your Grandma to see.

Park Life

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Who is to say a park bench is not the perfect place to spice up a date? When you think of all of the things that could have been on that bench, I would think it would calm the hormones just a bit.

Food Fight

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What is happening here? It looks like this couple needed to flavor things up a bit. There is nothing more disturbing than PDA at a restaurant bar, it just puts you off your supper straight away.