Celebrities Who Had iPhone Photos Hacked

Too many celebrities had their private iPhone photos hacked and leaked to the public this year, causing quite the stir around Hollywood. Some say their photos are fakes and others have confirmed the authenticity. Leaking of private photos can be painful and embarrassing, but strangely enough, so celebrities will benefit from the increased “exposure.” Only time will tell if this becomes an ongoing problem, but if you’re concerned, don’t take naked photos of yourself.

Kelsey Grammar – Katye Wash

Photo credit: http://cnn.it/1ohMGYF

Kelsey Grammer has a long history of fizzled relational unions, from fascinating artist Leigh-Anne Csuhany to Playmate Camille Donatacci. So for his present wife, he chose British flight orderly Kayte Walsh! The pair have a little girl and a son together.

Jennifer Lawrence

Photo credit: mycitybynight.co.za

Jennifer was hacked first and many private naked photos were spread throughout the Internet.