Celebrities who married their fans

Wedding your most loved actor, actress
athlete sounds like a blessing from heaven, no truly, a real dream working out as expected. It’s not a bad suggestion for famous people who wouldn’t see any problems an accomplice showering them with endless adoration worship, either. Here are some of Hollywood’s greatest stars who made their fantasy a reality and wedded one of their greatest fans.

Adam Sandler – Jackie Titone

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1PLP7sX

Actress and SNL fan Jacqueline Titone changed over to Judaism in 2000 and wedded Sandler in 2003. Titone began as a style model, in the end connecting with Sandler through Rob Schneider, finding her first acting part in Deuce Bigalow. Watch out for Jackie in Sandler’s next movie, as she as a rule highlights in some part or other in each one of them.

Julia Roberts – Danny Moder

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Not everybody in Hollywood is rich and well known. Danny Moder met Julia Roberts in 2000 set of a movie… as a cameraman, while Roberts was taping The Mexican, when she was dating Brad Pitt… decent work, Danny. The pair have three youngsters, including twins.