Celebrity Childhood Homes

All celebrities have a backstory, whether it be growing up in very poor conditions or being born into the Hollywood limelight. Many of our favorite celebrities have been very open about where they come from and how their humble beginnings shaped their careers and life in general. Other’s don’t really mention it. Click through to learn about the childhood homes of some of your favorites musicians, actors and legends

Elvis Presley

Photo credit: www.cmt.com

Elvis Presley and his parents home inhabited this small 2-room shotgun when he was a child. However this is not the only home in Tupelo, Mississippi that they lived in. His father, uncle and paternal grandfather built the home but later lost it when Elvis’ father was put in jail for altering a check. This home is now a popular destination for his fans to visit since it’s been turned into a museum and on the same grounds is Elvis’ childhood church where guided tours are available.

Taylor Swift

Photo credit: www.zillow.com

Many celebrities have a back-story and a hometown outside the limelight of Hollywood and Taylor Swift isn’t an exception. She grew up in Berks County, Pennsylvania with her mother, father and younger brother. Before moving to Nashville, Tennessee when she was 14 to pursue a musical career, she grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Reading. The home has 6 bedrooms and sits on over 5,000 square feet. It most recently sold for $700,000.