Celebs before and after dental surgury

The modern celebrity, now like never before, must be getting it done at all times. Here and there what nature gave you essentially isn’t sufficient, and its time for the restorative specialist. Here is our list of the 10 most sensational before and after dental transformations. Enjoy!

Tom Cruise

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1XDeBOm

Wow! I am 100% sure that Mr Cruise did not need this early photograph from his dental practitioner to ever see the light of day. What could be a superior advert for a decent cosmetic dental specialist! In the wake of getting his teeth fixed, Tom went ahead to wind up a main male superstar for the following two decades. Tom’s teeth nowadays set the bar for absolute dental flawlessness.

Victoria Beckham

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1RTCSzm

Victoria being British, was always at high risk of having teeth at a wide range of insane edges. She was one of an exceptionally lucky few born that year on the rainy island with straight and genuine teeth. She required no specific dental help through her career in the Spice Girls through to fashionista wife of David Beckham