Celebs before and after dental surgury

Miley Cyrus

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1VtY7qA

This is entirely odd, in spite of having teeth at all angles in the first shot, Miley really looks better in the main photograph. Miley required an entire ton of dental surgery including invisalign dental braces, veneers, and a lifetime supply of corrector liquid to keep her teeth this white. Her teeth might be her only attribute that can be described as “clean”

Celine Dion

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1TrwAXA

Presently I realize that readers are likely excessively transfixed by the crazy hair and peculiarly equine outward appearance of Ms Dion in the photograph above, yet save a moment to look at her dental change. She has had cosmetic dentistry to equal out her teeth, and after that veneers to perfect their shape. With all the world watching when she sings, this was a very wise investment.