Celebs who got their start on the gridiron

Many famous people in entertainment got their begins in community theater, dance or student movies. Be some of them have brawnier origin stories. The celebrities on this list all played football in college and/or secondary school. Some of them might surprise you.

Matthew Fox

Photo credit: http://imdb.to/1RhqYNx

Matthew Fox, most celebrated for his starring role in Lost, was a wide receiver for the Columbia Lions. He played for them amidst an severe losing streak. During his time on the field, his team won just two of the forty games he played.

Dr. Phil

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1mS3XWH

Dr. Phil, full name Phil McGraw, is an psychologist and self improvement titan. But before he was a daytime TV big hitter, he was a linebacker for Tulsa. He appears as though he could, even at present time, take a few tackles.