Celebs who have served real jail time

Clearly getting thrown in jail is not something to be pleased with. In any case, it’s not only the working keeps an eye on issue. These 16 celebrities have also encountered the shame of spending time in prison and have also managed out how to make us overlook they arrived.

Mickey Rourke

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1StKclw

Poor Mickey needed to be Rocky Balboa so badly it destroyed his marriage. The indication of the end for him was twhen he was arrested for domestic abuse in the mid 90’s. Soon after that his wife left him. More than 10years later, he was accused of drink driving in Florida.

Robert Downey Jr.

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1TDUrFt

Fortunately for us, our most loved Iron Man battled out of a serious drug addiction and turned into our screen hero. Quite recently, in the mid 90’s, Robert was arrested various times for drug possession.