Crimes attributed to gaming

Many people will assert computer games are a main source of violence in today. While there is a lot of research directing towards the complete opposite, mainstream media likes to point fingers when something turns out wrong. While the impact computer games have on an individual is far from being obviously true, there are a lot of cases all through the world which bring about great brutality or even somebody’s demise because of video games.

Gevin Allen Prince

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Gevin Allen Prince, 15, was arrested after he killed his great-grandmother in 2011. She told him to stop playing so many video-games, so he got his samurai sword and assaulted her. Police responded, so he shot them with a pellet firearm. The officers tasered and arrested him.

Ionut Savin

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Ionut Savin, 15 became dependent on Counter-Strike not long in the wake of grabbing the game. He missed more than 200 days of school. His mom then remove his internet connection to get him out of the house, so he cut her 17 times, stole her money, and kept running off to a local internet cafe for a couple of hours of game-time.