Ex-boyfriends who gave Taylor Swift inspiration

As an award winning pop singer, Taylor Swift is known for singing songs of heartbreak and triumph about love, and a significant number of her melodies were inspired by a former flame or two. While some of her boyfriends have been more open, other romances weren’t as photographed by the tabloids or media sites, and just Taylor’s fans may know who inspired what song if they read the liner notes or watched her interviews. Here are the ex-boyfriends that gave Taylor Swift inspiration.

John Mayer

Photo credit: http://on.mtv.com/1QnSM0r

John Mayer has been connected to numerous well known women, and that includes Taylor Swift. The two collaborated  on a song, “Half of My Heart,” for Mayer’s 2009 album Battle Studies and allegedly started dating, however they never confirmed their relationship.

Taylor Lautner

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1ScoKS5

Taylor dated the Twilight star after the two showed up in the film Valentine’s Day, where they met and dating on-set. The film debuted in 2010, yet the romance only lasted from August 2009 till December 2009.