Expensive Celebrity Homes

The homes of the rich and famous are nothing short of amazing, and expensive of course.Some of these mansions alone are worth more than what some of us will ever earn in a lifetime. For many of us, just a glimpse into their lifestyle is enough motivation to keep up the hard work.Take a look as some of the most expensive homes that some celebrities have owned or continue calling home.

Will Smith’s Calabasas, CA Home

Photo credit: suggest.com

The “Calabasas Castle” or “Smith Compound” are both names for the mansion of former “Fresh Prince” Will Smith, his wife Jada and kids. This 20 million dollar, 25,000 square feet compound in Calabasas is so expansive that it has its own zip code. The estate took 7 years to build and has multiple wings. The property is so big it has a tennis court, basketball court, a pool designed to be a lagoon, its own private golf course and a man made lake.

Bill Gate’s Medina, WA Home

Photo credit: www.dailymail.co.uk

Founder of the worlds largest software business, Microsoft, and one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates owns the second most expensive celebrity home. The 147.5 million home took seven years to build and sits on 66,000 square feet of land. With so much room for activities, this mansion has a 30 million dollar library, an artificial stream with fish, 24 bathrooms, car garages that fit 23 cars, a trampoline room with a 20 foot ceiling and a 60- foot pool. Upon arrival guests are given a pin that allows them to control the temperature and lighting with their preferred settings as they move along through house.