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    1. You Must, Must, MUST Take Some Days Off

    The miraculous thing about laser eye surgery is that healing time is extremely quick—3 to 5 days. However, during the healing period (particularly 3 days post-surgery) you will need to take time off work due to the fact that you won’t be able to drive. Typically, vision will be blurry for a few days following surgery. Your eyes will also burn and be sensitive to light and it will feel uncomfortable to have them open for lengthy periods of time (so take this time to snuggle with your favorite person–or better yet: your favorite pet!).
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    2. You Will Have To Pay For Follow-Ups

    Typically, your follow-up eye consults with your doctor will not be covered. This extra cost will ensure that your eyes are healing properly and that there is no sign of infection. They will be scheduled in the first 2 days following surgery and continue over the next month or two, depending on your healing process.
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    3. Long Eye Drop Schedule

    You will need to use the eye drops several months post-surgery at the advice of your eye doctor or the laser surgery clinic to prevent infection and speed the healing process. Follow the eye drop schedule provided by the clinic like it’s the law.
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    4. Light Sensitivity

    Following surgery, the most important thing you can do is protect your eyes. You will be provided with plastic wrap around glasses for day use and plastic eye patches and tape to protect you from rubbing and dislodging the surgical flap made during surgery for between 3 days to one week after your surgery. However, an extra pair of dark sunglasses can come in handy—both for protective showering, daytime and even nighttime driving post surgery.