Minor inconveniences that make us angry

We know it’s senseless to get so mad, yet that the idiot is hoarding the armrest in the motion picture theater! It shouldn’t make us Hulk out and throw a bucket of popcorn in their face, yet we can’t help it! Look at all these teensy little things that drive us up the wall; we KNOW you’ve been there, as well.

When The Remote Is On The Other Side Of The Room

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1peYsDb

You have your fluffy blanket wrapped around you and the pillows in simply the right position behind your back when you understand that the remote is the distance over the room. So close, yet so far away! Getting up from the love seat is fundamentally the most horrendous thing ever. Also, we’ve attempted to utilize The Force but failed because we’re not actually Jedi. Why hasn’t somebody developed a flying remote that can be summoned upon command yet?

Slow People

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/21pnkt9

Walking or driving behind a slow person is the pits. Our time is valuable and limited, don’t squander it, you jagoff!