Photos that will make you cringe

There are some pictures found on the internet today that would make anyone stop and think twice about what exactly it is they are seeing. With technology today pictures can be easily manipulated while some totally accidental. Here are some we found, accidental or not, that will either make you laugh or cry, but most definitely will make you cringe.

Balls Out

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We all know how intense a soccer match can get and how passionate the players are. This, however, takes the cake for awkward moments on the field. While both players here likely thought this was nothing more than a altercation over the ball, this is totally a photo we won’t soon forget.

Just Hanging Out

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A simple worker photograph of a typical waitress. That is, until you look down. While one can dismiss it as a trick of the light, for a moment you truly do think yourself “Hold up. What? Is that no real?!” Probably not, but rather it justifies a place on a list of exceptionally uncomfortable photographs.