Popular athletes who turned to modeling

Thierry Henry

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1TNKQtS

French national team player and Chicago Bulls soccer colleague, Thierry Henry is not just a standout amongst the most well known athletes in Europe, also has noteworthy appearances as a model. Begun as the Tommy Hilfiger`s charity line designer and model and later brand`s model for France, in the end turn into the face advertising the Puma brand.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1TjUJBc

The highest paid Real Madrid player, furthermore the soccer player with the most noteworthy pay in history is also known to be a gorgeous sight for the women and the image of achievement in eyes of the men. Every part of his stunning body makes him the ideal choice as a model for Armani, the brand that has turned into the image itself. He also appeared up on various magazine covers, for Vanity Fair, GQ and some more…