The 9-Year-Old That Could Kick Your Ass

Milla Star Bizzotto is a 9-year-old girl from Miami, Florida. Milla works outs, trains, and destroys obstacle courses that would put any adult athlete to shame.

Watch out world: Milla Bizzotto is here to take you down.


Milla is the youngest person ever to complete the grueling 24-hour obstacle course, Battlefrog Xtreme, that was designed by the U.S. Navy.


BattleFrog’s 24-hour Xtreme race consists of a 5-mile run,  25 obstacles, and a swim that is almost 30 miles long.


Milla was the only person under 18 competing. She completed the race with her father, Christian Bizzotto. Because of her age, BattleFrog allowed her to participate in the race as long as her dad stayed by her.