The Internet Is Destroying Jay Z After Beyonce Releases “Lemonade”

Beyoncé dropped an album/short film/visual-audio masterpiece called Lemonade Saturday night. Most of the songs contained lyrics that blatantly insist that someone cheated on Beyonce.

Most of the short video is filled with lines about infidelity, betrayal, and anger.

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One of Beyonce’s first lines is, “You ain’t married to some average bitch, boy.” UMM…. so this IS about Jay Z?!

Beyonce’s emotions ranged from anger to despair

The video includes the following lyrics:
–You’re so dumb, dude.
–You ain’t married to an average b****, boy.
–You can watch my fat a** twist, boy, as I bounce to the next d***, boy.
–Beautiful man, I know you’re lying.
–You ain’t trying hard enough; you ain’t loving deep enough.
–I can smell that fragrance…
–This is your final warning. If you try that sh** again you’re gonna lose your wife.