The most luxurious First Class Airport lounges

For plane setting travelers around the globe, waiting at the airport can sometimes feel like the closest thing this world can offer to purgatory. Being stuck as some of these airport lounges doesn’t see all that bad

Lufthansa First Class Lounge – Frankfurt

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If you’re taking on the world, you’re going to need to formulate your arrangements in a seat made for a Bond villain with prime perspectives of the runway. With flat screens scattered all through and various synergistic workspaces, your comrades also have adequate space to complete the administrative work while you think.

Etihad’s Diamond First Class Lounge

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Moderation in design, light walls and dull woods, are at its utmost. With regards to diamonds, the jewels will shine a little bit brighter. Ethiad’s Diamond Lounge is more than just a place to kill some time, it’s a place to get your psyche right, to shine in the spotlight gavin by a diamond tint.