These are the houses the 2016 presidential candidates own

For the 2016 presidential candidates, despite their real-estate holdings, there’s really only one house they want — the big white one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C. Here’s a look at many of the declared presidential candidates’ homes and mortgages …

Rick Perry – Austin, Texas

Photo credit: Google Maps

James Richard “Rick” Perry and his wife, Anita, spent the past 15 years living in the Texas Governor’s Mansion. When he left office this past January, the couple moved to a two-bedroom, two-bathroom town house in Austin while a new home is being built in Round Top, a community about 70 miles from the state capital in Fayette County.

Sen. Rand Paul – Bowling Green, Ky.

Photo credit: Google Maps

The junior senator from Kentucky and his wife, Kelley, live in a four-bedroom, three-bath home with 4,206 square feet of living area. The white house with a gabled roof was built in 1994 and sits on a lush, tree-lined 1.99-acre lot. Its total value was assessed at $525,000 in 2014 with a land value of $257,500. In July 2014, the Pauls took a 10-year conventional mortgage out on the property for $172,500