Underwater discoveries that will make your jaw drop

The sea covers 80% of our world. It’s assessed that to date people have investigated under 5 percent of the whole world’s water. Considering that for a centuries travel by water was our primary mode of over long distances, it’s sensible to expect there are hundreds, perhaps a great many fascinating things, fortunes,and creatures that lie undiscovered in the vast expanse of the oceans.

Irish Silver

Photo credit: http://dailym.ai/1RylQ9X

Found in Ireland, a gigantic 61 ton pull of World War II-time silver off the coast settled in a British cargo ship. Score!

Manganese Balls

Photo credit: http://dailym.ai/1ABHjI4

Taking a break from submerged fortunes, these normally happening manganese balls have kept scientists befuddled for decades. Nobody quite knows how or why they form, however they can be just millimeters wide to watermelon-sized.