What do people on death row request as a last meal?

In the United States, it’s a standard custom to give a condemned prisoner a last meal of their picking preceding their execution. Since a many of the criminals subject to execution are ethically and psychologically harmed, it’s fascinating to see what they pick as their last meal before they die. Here are some well known last demands by notable criminals that are certain to give you the creeps.

Dobie Gillis Williams

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1Lmwcs8

Williams was an indicted killer who was executed by the State of Louisiana for the murder of Sonja Knippers in 1999. Williams ate twelve sweet treats and ice cream for his last meal. In his last statement, Williams said “I simply need to say, I don’t have any hard emotions against anyone. God bless y’all. God bless.”

Velma Barfield

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1Qc3dGl

Barfield was a serial killer with no less than six casualties who was executed in North Carolina in 1984. Set for deadly injection, she declined a special meal, rather eating a pack of Cheez Doodles and drinking a 12-ounce jar of Coca-Cola amid her last hours.