5 Ways To Look More Awake Now

We all have those mornings. We wake up, look in the mirror, and gasp inwardly. No one wants to feel ugly and gross in the morning, and no one wants to look sleepy and haggard all day long. Here are 5 ways that will help you look more awake and help you to feel like your prettiest self.

Splash Water on Your Face

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Splashing ice cold water on your face first thing in the morning won’t only help you feel more awake, but it will also help depuff your eyes.  This is an absolute must when you need to look refreshed on only few zzzz’s.

Hydrating Eye Cream

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A super amazing and effective hydrating eye cream is ARBONNE’s FC5 Hydrating Eye Cream. However, if you are tight on cash, any hydrating eye cream will do. Using a hydrating cream further helps reduce eye puffiness; also, moisturizing your skin helps your face look shiny and smooth.