Hangover Remedies

So, you had the time of your life last night and now you’re regretting being alive. Here are 10 simple ways to repair the damage you did to your body. However, don’t get your hopes up: you’re most likely going to feel lousy all day today.


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This one should be no surprise: drink water when you have a hangover. Your body needs water. Drinking all night dehydrates your body and leaves you feeling crappy and crummy. Satiate your body’s innate desire for water by gulping down glasses of water the morning after. (However, there are a few things that may help you recover faster from your hangover than water. Keep on clicking to find out).

Coconut Water

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One of the best hangover cures is coconut water. It has loads of electrolytes and vitamins to restore what was lost the previous night. If you can’t stand the taste of the plain flavor, try mango or pineapple. Coconut water also helps to settle all the acid put into your stomach by the alcohol.