Hangover Remedies


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Pickles are one of the perfect solutions to a hangover. They are particularly helpful if you have been throwing up all night (or this morning). Alcohol strips your body of all kinds of minerals, vitamins, and salt. Pickles, on the other hand, are rich with them. You can get all kinds of nutrients ranging from vitamin A to iron to calcium to vitamin K. The salt and vinegar in the pickle juice will cause your body to start storing water and restoring electrolytes to put your body back in balance.


Photo credit: Google.com

Sleep deprivation can worsen a hangover. If you have plans the day after a long night, you might want to reschedule.  Let’s face it:  you were up to the wee hours last night, partying and drinking it up, and while you may have knocked out quickly, all the alcohol you consumed disrupted your REM cycle which helps your body restore itself. Do your body a favor and stay in bed so your body can fix all the damage you did to it.